Simon duffy

Creative direction - Strategic conception - Art direction



Simon is an internationally awarded creative director, with experience creating and transforming some of the greatest brands in the UK, USA and Canada.


As a pioneer of disruption, his work has influenced the way Canadian agencies approach creative problem solving. This disruptive approach resulted in the re-positioning of PepsiCo brands such as Quaker US, Frito Lay US, Virgin Mobile Canada. The re-branding of Bell Canada, along with CAMH and Hyundai Canada. Most recently he has worked in the cannabis sector on brand and product marketing for a number of clients.


He has also mentored some of the best creative leaders in the business. 

While his work has appeared on the ‘World’s funniest commercials’ TV show and has been exhibited at the ROM.




Simon duffy


E:      C: 416 712 7870