generation change

Client: Pepsico Global/SunChips

Agency: Juniper Park

We believe in change that can lead to an all natural world.


Every generation believed change could make a difference. In how we looked at each other, how we treated each other how we saw the world and how the world saw us. We believe we can change, by creating new environmentally safe packaging and practicing recycling. To create a change for a better, cleaner, all natural world.

Tree boxes

Client: PepsiCo. Frito Lay

Agency: Juniper Park

By reusing their cartons Frito Lay have saved over five million trees. To demonstrate this fact, trees growing in recycled shipping cartons were placed around the city.

rice cakes changed

Client: Pepsico Global/Quaker

Agency: Juniper Park

A complete rebranding of Quaker  Oats, starting with Rice cakes and how we make good stuff taste delicious.