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Client: Toyota

It had been three years since the Toyota Corolla had been redesigned. It would be another three years before a replacement arrived. Meanwhile Toyota’s competitors were launching new vehicles with superior design and performance.

The domestics were getting cheaper, the Koreans were getting better and the highly anticipated new Honda Civic was about to launch. Not surprisingly sales were slumping.

The answer lay in ignoring the areas of style and performance and embracing Corolla’s DNA of quality and reliability. The new campaign reminded people of the many things in life that let them down thereby elevating the reliability of the Corolla.

The results (year to date) have been astounding. This three year old model did not have the benefit of any sales incentives and faced numerous competitive launches including the brand new Civic. Even so it was able to overtake segment leadership from Civic Sedan with 12.5% market share.

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