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The H-factor


Client: Hyundai Canada

The H-Factor is a complete rebrand of Hyundai Canada, and a creative expression of Hyundai’s drive to deliver customer experiences that exceed expectations. 


The H-Factor not only demonstrated how far Hyundai had come as a modern automotive company. It also successfully combined brand and retail across all media, that extended to the dealership environment and the sales and service experience.

The result was a national, brand campaign that launched during the Super Bowl and was viewed by a record 9.23 million Canadians who watched the 2015 Super Bowl. The H-Factor also won the CMA Gold for Brand Transformation 2019.

The H-Factor and the 3 Execs, the retail component of the campaign is the most successful campaign Hyundai Canada has ever done and was also adapted for global use by the Innocean Worldwide network.

Twitter BG.jpg
Twitter BG.jpg
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Tweet powered vending



Client: Hyundai Canada

For the launch of the Tucson Fuel cell vehicle, we created a “Twitter powered” vending machine. This machine would contain water bottles, to align with the idea that the only emissions from the FCEV was water vapour. 


Engagement with the machine involved visitors at CIAS approaching the vending machine, connecting to it’s wifi hotspot with their mobile, signing in with their Twitter credentials and reviewing a canned tweet (that they had the option to modify), tweeting a message and receiving a water bottle. This tweet contained the text “I’m at the #CIAS2015 and I just joined the @HyundaiCanada #FuelCellMovement #TucsonFuelCell”.

The result was thousands of users tweeting their advocacy for the Fuel Cell vehicle (and receiving Hyundai branded water bottles), while generating huge amounts of positive awareness both at the show and online.

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